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Were you thinking about creating a membership site?If so, you may want to take a look at this:
It's a solution built for "everyday people" - that means you don't need to be a technical
genius to figure it out.
Plus, if you use WordPress, you'll be excited to know that it was built specifically for
WordPress :)
It has all the bells and whistles you would expect but they've also got a number of otherVERY cool features.These videos will show you what I mean:Enjoy!

Installation is SUPER easy. It's just like uploading a regular WordPress plugin :)

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Expert WordPress

I wanted to share the exciting news with you - the "Expert WordPress" installer is now available as a FRE.E download!
This installer is the simplest way to create a secure installation of a WordPress blog packed with features and benefits that were previously available
only to paying customers:

* 3 Step easy install process
* Search Engine Optimized, Web 2.0 enabled WordPress blog
* Multiple Monetization Options built right into the package
* Custom theme that requires no technical knowledge to customize
* much, much more...

I could go on, describing the entire package but I better let you see the video
Created by Alex Sysoef and his partner Dmitiry this installer is extremely simple to use but it comes
with only a couple videos and no support. I hope you seriously consider their upgrade option when
presented. This is where you get the truly incredible value.

They stand behind their product 200% and upgrade is an option if you are interested to earn from your blog,
drive traffic, get content, support and a lot more!
Upgrade option will always be available to you as they made a decision Not to play any One-Time-Offer
games and instead reward the action takers by providing even more value: access to bonuses available only if purchased on first login.

Either way - go grab the Expert WordPress installer now it is FREE!

An important note - if you want and need the support, upgrade is recommended as it is the only way
to have it. Their support is raved about by many but to experience it you have to be a paying customer. They do make that distinction!
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