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What is ChronoForms?

ChronoForms is a Joomla Component that helps Joomla/Mambo users publish forms to a website in minutes, not in HOURS.

A custom form in three quick steps :

Create your form html with any HTML editor (e.g: Dreamweaver, NVU, etc).
Copy the resulting HTML code from your HTML editor
Paste the code into your ChronoForms 'Form Manager' in the backend, choose your settings and save.
However you still have a big list of powerful options to add to your form, most of them within seconds, here is a full list :

Mighty Extensions

MightyMessage - The Great Way To Connect Users

MightyMessage is a unique e-mail system for Joomla 1.5 that allows to organize mail exchange between registered users within one website. .


iJoomla Extensions

Fantastic Joomla extensions including iJoomla Magazine that allows you to easily create a website layout that resembles a magazine.

iJoomla SEO

Joomla Extensions
ROALCANA is composed of a group of professional webmasters and web-developers, highly skilled and specialized in Joomla. Joomla™ is, without a doubt, the best Content Management System (CMS) available in today's market.
The webmasters who make up the team of ROALCANA, have been carefully selected to ensure that our clients obtain the very best products and services.

See Do Joomla™

BJ Extensions
We are proud to present our first Joomla! Extension – The BJ! Image Slider. It is the most attractive Javascrip Image slider.
BJ Newstabber is an useful module that helps to show news in a tabber-style.
This really simple module, BJ List Menu shows your menu in a dropdown-style.

BJ Image Slider BJ Newstabber BJ Listmenu


Joomla extensions, joomla components & modules
Home JoomPlace is an eLearning provider of Joomla components, Joomla extensions, Joomla modules and Joomla templates. We offer businesses and educational institutions an online platform where various Joomla modules can be found daily.

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SEF Advance - Joomla SEF URLs
SEF Advance 2008 (for Joomla! 1.5): 2.2.4
SEF Advance (for Joomla! 1.0 / Mambo 4.x): 6.0.1

SEF Advance - Joomla SEF SEF Advance is a Joomla SEF component which extends its built-in Search Engine Friendly URL fuctionality and raises it on a higher level. Instead of ordinary Joomla SEF URLs like: which don't tell much about your content, you will get human friendly URLs in form:

Because URLs consist of meaningful keywords rather than numbers, SEF Advance will drasticaly improve your search engine positions.

SEF Advance is the only pure-logic SEF solution, not relying on database for URL storage, resulting in stunning performance. Being developed, improved and supported for over 5 years by a core developer of Joomla! and Mambo, it is the oldest and most reliable Joomla SEF extension available.

 Joomla Backup and Restore component

New XCloner Upgrade - Standalone Backup and Restore Software
* Create custom backups
* Generate automatic backups based on cronjobs
* Restore your backups anywhere
* Share your custom backups with your users
* Full support and assistance from our Team
JoomlaCloner is a Backup and Restore component designed for Joomla! CMS
JoomlaCloner design was specifically created to Generate custom backups of any Joomla site through custom admin inputs, and to be able to Restore the clone on any other location with the help of the automatic Restore script we provide, independent from the component!
JoomlaCloner Generate, Move and Restore process:
1. Generate and Store the backup
2. Move the backup and restore script to the new location
3. Restore the backup by launching the Joomla.Cloner.php restore script

JoomlaCloner - backup and restore
Move a Joomla site fast!

Extensions Demo Server
Welcom to our Tabs Manager GK3 component demo page!