Build a Social Network Using Joomla!

Social network implementation has become a necessity for successful websites. Joomla!, the popular Open-Source CMS, has some great and affordable ways to bring your site to the social networking level. Let's review JomSocial

JomSocial Hosted
We are excited to introduce a new way to enjoy JomSocial: JomSocial Hosted. JomSocial Hosted is our solution to balance between the power of a Joomla-based social networking system and the ease-of-use of a hosted solution

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Invitex. The Viral Invitations solution for Joomla, CB & JomSocial released !

After a long wait, we have finally released Invitex, our Viral Invitations solution for Joomla , CB & JomSocial. The first release comes with support for directly typing email addresses, CSV import as well as the ability to import contact from a variety of Email providers. You can see some Screenshots of the Solution here .

A Must have for Joomla!, JomSocial & CB based Social Networking websites.


 Create your own
social network.

Now everyone can create a
thriving, unique and interactive
Joomla! community... effortlessly!

Customize profile fields.
Create groups. Invite friends.
Send private messages. Comment on walls.
Share photos. Follow updates via activity stream.
Integrate 3rd party components with our robust API.
and much more... 

Create your own social network with the following special offer:
$35 OFF JomSocial Pro
$25 OFF JomSocial Standard.


This component extends the core Joomla content features for a more social blogging experience. This has JomSocial integration as well.


This is another option we could use for commenting. This will allow users to comment on user created content. It also integrates into the social component core, so comments can be displayed on user profile pages.

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