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SheerSEO to provide ranking data from Google, Yahoo, and Bing for keywords and phrases that you care about for your web site.
To get started, go to the new "rankings" report under your searches tab and follow the instructions. It's not feasible to automatically track and monitor every search you get, so you have to enter in the specific words and phrases you want to monitor on SheerSEO

Who is SheerSEO?
This company provides a number of other services related to SEO besides just keyword tracking. They are a pay service, but you get a full 90 day trial of the service before you have to pay anything. Their plans start at $7 per month, but Clicky users will get a special discount of just $5 per month if they only want the keyword tracking functionality. Regardless, it's a great service and well worth small cost in our opinion. Even if you don't want to pay extra for this functionality, you should still give the trial a shot. You'll get it for free for 90 days which is the longest trial I've ever seen for a web service.

Ideally we'd offer this data for no extra charge (with a Pro or higher plan), but we don't have the capability to do this ourselves right now. We have been using SheerSEOourselves for quite a while so partnering with them made sense to bring this functionality to Clicky users. Hope you like!

Ace Joomla! Solutions

AceSEF is a flexible and powerful Joomla! SEF URLs, Meta Tags and Sitemap generator with an easy-to-use graphical user interface that simplifies the management of your site's SEO rank.

As experts on JoomSEF and sh404SEF, we've included in AceSEF almost all features that these components have and fulfilled their lacks. You can also migrate from sh404SEF or JoomSEF to AceSEF easily using Migration page of AceSEF.
AceSEF supports JoomFish intergration for multilingual websites, offers to set automaticly or manually the meta tags of your pages and is 100% written in a modular way so each component has its own settings.

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100% modular100% modular structure
AceSEF is 100% written in modular way so each component has its own URL Layout and Automatic Meta Tags options. In fact this is also the main concept of Joomla!, modular structure that offers a CMS for general purposes.

Automatic Meta data5-ext-metatags
AceSEF is not just a SEF URL generator but also a perfect solution for generating automatic meta tags for each component. AceSEF can generate for you automatic meta title, description and even keywords. So you don't have to install SEO plugins such as joomSEO, SEOGenerator, SEOSimple etc.

This is a brand new feature of AceSEF 1.3 . You can create a sitemap in XML format for ALL components without any plugin obligation. In contrarily from other Joomla! sitemap components, you manage ALL sitemap's items. You can set different date, frequency, priority or include/disclude each sitemap's item.

Extensions for 3rd Party Componentsfeatures-3rdparty
Unlike other SEF components, we do care about 3rd party components because Joomla! doesn't have just 10 (core) components. Currently there're more than 140 extensions available for 3rd party components. All AceSEF extensions are compatible with Joom!Fish.

Meta Manager9-metamanager
Automatically generated Metadata can be edited from one central screen that will save 95% your time. Currently there are some SEO components that has a similar feature but none of them supports ALL components, AceSEF does. It also provides advanced filter options.

Alias option for all componentsfeature-alias
This is the biggest lack of JoomSEF and sh404SEF, you can set alias or title ONLY for Articles (Content) component. But because of AceSEF is written 100% in modular way you can set alias or title for ALL components.

Duplicated URLs management6-sefurls
With sh404SEF you can manage duplicated URLs but its too hard, with AceSEF you need just a click to choose which one of duplicated URLs will be used. You can also switch to numerating style of duplicated URLs like JoomSEF.

Advanced router options3-extensions
AceSEF can rewrite SEF URLs in 3 ways, according AceSEF Extension, J! 1.5 router.php file or AceSEF basic rewriting. Most of Joomla! 1.5 Native components inludes router file so you're not forced to buy AceSEF extensions. But with sh404SEF you have to use/buy an extension to make SEF URLs.

Accurated Paginationfeature-pagination
AceSEF, contrarily from JoomSEF or sh404SEF has a 100% accurated calculation of pagination. Even if your component doesnt use the $limit (items per page) value you can add it through the component's extension parameters.

This is a future that only AceSEF has, its a perfect solution if you're using JoomSEF or sh404SEF and you want to use the great functions of AceSEF. Doing this you wont lose your old SEF URLs structure so your site position on search engines wont be affected.

Multilanguage user panel14-multilang
Brazilian, Chinese (Simplyfied & Traditional), Croatian, Danish, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish

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Joomla SEO training

There have been a few more hosting hiccups recently so as a way of an apology, I would like to give new and existing Beginner Plus customers an extra special bonus.
For the next few days, the Beginner Plus program will include a recording of a webinar I presented earlier this year on search engine optimisation for Joomla.Those who attended the webinar loved it as you can see from this feedback:

"I absolutely loved the webinar on SEO for Joomla. I unfortunately couldn't make it, but bought it and it was the best money I spent in my life! Amazing information, and wonderful tools! " 

"Just watched the webinar that I missed.What an amazing job you have done! Thank You."

The topics include:
*How search engines work
*What is SEO?
*Keyword research
*How to make a Joomla article SEF
*Using a third party SEF extension
*Site speed
*Search engine spiders
*Site structure

This one hour presentation teaches you everything you need to know to setup your Joomla site correctly to maximise your chances of getting better search engine results. There is currently no other way to get this recording and it will only be available until the end of the weekend.The Beginner Plus program is already amazing value at just $14 and if you're quick enough to get in while this offer lasts, you will get the bargain of the year.
Existing customers: login and go to the Beginner Plus page. You will find the download link on the Videos and Downloads page.
New customers:click here to learn more about the Beginner Plus course and buy before the end of this weekend to ensure you get the bonus.
Fine print:the video is only available as a download in .WMV format. PC users may need to download a free CODEC to watch it in Windows Media Player. Mac users may need to download Windows Media Components for Quicktime.

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