Joomla!e-mail Marketing system

AcyMailing is a Joomla component allowing you to maintain real communication with your contacts via e-mail marketing, newsletters, follow-up autoresponders, marketing campaigns, etc.
It is seamlessly incorporated into Joomla and provides professional features enabling you to keep you in permanent contact with your subscribers.

Email Marketing Lite (v1.0.8)

This is the Free Lite version of SM2's email-marketingEmail Marketing component.
Just download it and install on your own Joomla! powered website.  It is a powerful extension providing a tool to effectively manage all your email marketing campaigns.  View more information about this extension.
The Lite version is limited to sending to only the first 100 email address per message sent and only the first plugin in the list can be active.
Alternatively, you can unleash the full capabilities of SM2's Email Marketing extension with your own copy of the full Professional Licence version. The full licenced version is not limited in any way and is yours to keep. Once you purchase and receive your Licence Key, simply enter it in the SM2 Email Marketing Configuration Manager and all features are fully unlocked.
SM2 Email Marketing is now available on both Joomla! 1.0 and Joomla! 1.5 in legacy mode.