We've introduced you to iJoomla Ad Agency in previous newsletter and now they are offering exclusive discount coupon for all JomSocial members. If you are looking for a way to monetize your site traffic, look no further.

iJoomla Ad Agency is Joomla Banner/Ads Extension designed to help you earn revenue by placing ads on your Joomla site. Advertisers can submit and upload their ads online, buy packages, start campaigns and run reports. Publishers can do all that on advertisers' behalf, as well as create zones, add payment methods, approve or reject advertisers, ads and campaigns, and a whole lot more.

iJoomla Ad Agency gives your Joomla site its very own ad agency -- and it's the only comprehensive ad serving extension for Joomla. If you've got the traffic, iJoomla Ad Server packs everything you need to make money from it.
*Start making money from your traffic today!

*Completely automatic and totally hassle-free.
*Complete flexibility over placement, campaign type and ad strategies.

Seven Different Ad types - iJoomla Ad Agency supports all the major ad types: standard banners, Flash banners, Floating ads, Transition ad, Pop up, Pop under, Ad Code, Text ad 7 different ad types: standard, flash, text ads and more.

*Ad rotation - You can now make the banners/ads in an ad zone rotate without the visitor refreshing the page. Set the speed you want the banners/ads to rotate and whether you want them to rotate in order or randomly.
*Live payments - Once you have at least one package and one payment method plugin installed, you can start generating income! Advertisers can buy packages from you, pay and add a campaign.

*JomSocial Integration - iJoomla Ad Agency comes with full support to JomSocial module positions.That means you can place any of your advertising zones right inside JomSocial!

And many more:
*Transition and floating ads

*Place ad on any other site, not just the main site
*Live reports for you and your advertisers
*Auto approvals of ads, campaigns, advertisersJomSocial AdAgency
*Mobile support

Video Tutorial: How to add advertising on JomSocial

What you will get:
*1 component

*3 modules
*Paypal and 2CO payment plugin

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About iJoomla

Ad Agency is developed by iJoomla, a professional team dedicated to produce Joomla components that take Joomla sites to the next level.

JomSocial 1.8 special promotion

The good news is that the latest version of award-winning Joomla extension JomSocial has now been released. The even better news is that we have a special offer for you!

Just this use this promo code when you place your order to get 30% OFF:IJOOMLA-JS30

So what's new in JomSocial?

There’s a lot new in JomSocial. My favorite new features include:

Create events

Now you can easily create and manage events. You can even show a map with zero configuration. Define the number of "seats" available for the event and limit event participants. Your members will love it!

Video avatar

Forget the avatars you see on profile pages. Now you can sizzle up your profile page with a video! Introduce yourself, put a favorite trailer from Twilight — upload anything you want! Be more than a picture.

 Drag & drop application positioning     
Display your apps or modules in a sidebar. Compatible apps will automatically resize to fill the space, and you and your users will be able to enjoy greater positioning options. And it’s all just drag-and-drop.

Smarter activity stream

Be in the loop, in a smarter way! In this latest version of JomSocial we put a lot effort into creating a better, more informative activity stream. JomSocial will now automatically summarize the content for the activities and provide a preview of video thumbnails and comments.

iJoomla ad agency integration
JomSocial now comes with ten built-in module positions compatible with iJoomla Ad Agency version 1.6.8 and up. Just assign zones to these positions to display ads inside your JomSocial pages.
I've created a video tutorial that explains how it works , click here to view it

Learn More

This release of JomSocial takes the extension to a whole new level. If you haven't tried it yet, here's your opportunity to get it for a great price!


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